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Vedic Astrology Services

Details of Astrological Services

Thank you for enquiring about my astrological services. They are as follows:

1. Natal chart readings for the purpose of answering important questions about your life, either about events that have occurred or are yet to happen. This would also include advise on your latent talents, your dharma (purpose and duties of this life), resources or wealth that you could receive, likelihood of finding a suitable marriage partner or a more satisfactory job, the timing of such events and so on. Click here for a Natal Chart reading online order form if you have an accurate birth time.

2. Election of a propitious day and time to commence an activity, such as marriage or starting a new business. Click here for a reading.

Birth Time Sources

If you do not know your time of birth, I suggest that you ask your parents at least for an approximate indication, such as late afternoon. Another source of information are the hospital's medical records, which are retained in their Archives Department. It would be useful writing to this department as it is common practice, even in England, for the time to be recorded in the medical notes. The hospital may charge about 10.00 for this service.


For Natal Chart Readings:

- When an accurate birth time is known - 90.00

- When an accurate birth-time is unavailable, or known only approximately, I will have to compute it using the information supplied about your life - 120.00

For Electional Timing Advise:

- A minimum charge of 40.00. The fee may vary according to the complexity of the request.

Please telephone Geoffrey on (020) 8466-0718 for advise on this issue.

Vedic Astrology Services

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