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10 weekly lectures are held every 4 months at various locations in Central London. For details of the next course contact Gordaon Brennan on 01702-582790

or, contact Geoffrey Pearce on 020-8466-0718

Lecture 1 - Philosophical Principles covering Law of Karma; fundamental laws of creation; four functions of life - Dharma (duty), Arta (resources), Kama (natural desires), and Moksha (liberation); freewill versus destiny; six branches of Vedic Astrology and how it can help individuals and society

Lecture 2 - Astronomical Background covering Solar system; ecliptic circle; the constellations and fixed stars (Nakshatras); sidereal and tropical year; phases of the Moon; the Ascendant and the daily rotation of the Earth; planets' annual movement around the Sun; oppositions and conjunctions - all of which are used in Vedic Astrology.

Lecture 3 - Planets and their Characteristics covering their significations; presiding deity; benefic or malefic nature; rulerships; friendships; times when strong or weak; aspects; planetary war; North and South Indian natal chart styles.

Lecture 4 - Constellations and their Characteristics covering their names; presiding deity; elemental type; quality; symbol; rulerships; basic calculations and data sources to construct a natal chart.

Lecture 5 - 27 Fixed Stars called Nakshatras covering their names; presiding deity; symbol; meaning; quality; significations; associated events, mental attributes and career indications; basis for the Dasha system used for timing of events in a person's life.

Lecture 6 - Twelve Houses of Life covering their significations; differentiating between the houses of action, spiritual development, troubles, luck, gains and losses; and an introduction to chart interpretation.

Lecture 7 - Basis of Chart Interpretation. A session bringing together and applying the information presented in previous lectures to charts of famous people so to demonstrate the validity of the system and how it works.

Lecture 8 - Electional Astrology (Murhurta). An explanation of the system using the 5 elements of the Panchang for the purpose of determining the propitious time to commence important activities such as marriage, new businesses, travel, initiations, schooling etc.

Other matters - A course manual will be provided that sets out the main principles covered by the course and definitions of the terminology used in the lectures, some which will be Sanskrit words. The course fee is 195.00.

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Vedic Astrology Courses

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