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Sun (SU) Self, individual, ego, soul, vitality, power, ambition, father, government.

Moon (MO) Mind, emotions, memory, mother, females, general well being, moodiness.

Mercury (ME) Speech, profession, intelligence, education, writing, trade, astrology, wit.

Mars (MA) Vigour, siblings, courage, sports, surgeons, war, fires, soldiers, arguments.

Venus (VE) Love, desires, wife, marriage, luxuries, beauty, artists, vehicles, jewellery.

Jupiter (JU) Knowledge, happiness, children, husband, luck, fortune, religion, law, guru.

Saturn (SA) Sorrow, longevity, death, delays, discipline, wisdom from experience.

Rahu (RA) Insatiable worldly desires, maternal relations, laziness, dullness.

Ketu (KE) Spiritual desires, asceticism, paternal relations, liberation, unseen, wisdom.
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