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Reading a natal chart is an application of applying numerous rules for interpreting planetary combinations which are to be found in the classical works on Jyotish, together with intuition or insight gained from years of practical experience of natal astrology.

A signification in a chart is likely to come about where it is strongly indicated at least twice in a chart. For instance, in Einstein's chart, Mercury signifying the intellect, rules the first house for a Gemini ascendant. Mercury is located in the tenth house of profession in Pisces, and due to its association with Venus in Pisces, which is within one degree of its maximum beneficent strength, a successful career, based on a powerful intellect, is indicated. Venus is ruler of the fifth house of creative intelligence, from which good advice and counsel can flow, so its location in the tenth house of careers supports the indication shown by Mercury. The presence of the Sun, the Self, in this house shows his main preoccupation in his lifetime. Saturn in the 10th house of careers, provides the ambition, power and discipline to be a leader in his chosen field. The four planets together, as well as other indications in the chart, provided the skills and capabilities required to make him a gifted lecturer, a world renowned figure, and a person with extraordinary intellectual abilities.

It should therefore be apparent that daily horoscope readings published in newspapers and magazines, which are based solely on the natal position of the Sun in each sign, can be, and usually are, completely erroneous. It is little wonder that Astrology is not taken seriously in Western societies.

On the other hand, Vedic Astrology is a practical science able to provide considerable advice and counsel to help people to live happy and satisfying lives.

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