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The purpose of the sections below is to show some of the basic principles behind Vedic astrology and, demonstrate that newspaper horoscopes have no relationship to real astrology. A South Indian style natal chart for Albert Einstein is set out below:

The first step in Astrology is to calculate the position of the nine planets at the time of an individual's birth. There are published tables, called Ephemeris, showing their position for any date in degrees and minutes. The calculations for Vedic charts are the same as for Western system except that the Ayanamsha for that date has to be deducted to bring the planetary positions to the real, or sidereal, positions. In Einstein's chart, for instance, the Sun was at 1 degree 20 minutes Pisces, whilst the Moon was 22 degrees 21 minutes Scorpio.

Each sign has three main characteristics, which affect the nature of actions that occur when a planet visits, or aspects it: a ruling planet, one of four elemental qualities -Fire (F), Earth (E), Air (A), and Water(W); and one of three quadrants. Hence 4 elements times 3 quadrants = 12 signs. The signs' characteristics are set out on the next page.

Sign Ruler Element Quadrant
Aries Mars Fire Cardinal
Taurus Venus Earth Fixed
Gemini Mercury Air Mutable
Cancer Moon Water Cardinal
Leo Sun Fire Fixed
Virgo Mercury Earth Mutable
Libra Venus Air Cardinal
Scorpio Mars Water Fixed
Sagittarius Jupiter Fire Mutable
Capricorn Saturn Earth Cardinal
Aquarius Saturn Air Fixed
Pisces Jupiter Water Mutable

Cardinal quadrant signs are responsible for initiating activity, movement and direction; Fixed quadrant for sustaining and stabilising activity; whilst the Mutable quadrant is for completing activity and transforming/destabilising energy. Thus the three groups represent the movements of creation, preservation, and destruction.

The elements refer to their subtle as well as their physical characteristics.

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In this Section:

Introduction to Vedic Astrology
The Four Aims of Life
Dealing with Obstacles
How Vedic Astrology Works
Planets Main Significations
Interpreting the Horoscope