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Vedic Astrology recognises the validity of four aims of life and one of its primary purposes is to help people to attain each of them. The four legitimate goals in life are:

(1). Kama, which means "desire" and refers to our need for emotional and sensory happiness in life. Everything we do should be enjoyable and not cause pain to ourselves and other people.

(2). Artha meaning "achievement of goals", or in common parlance it refers to the acquisition of valuable objects or "wealth". Each of us should have the necessary resources for self support to live fully and happily.

(3). Dharma means "duty" and refers to "doing what you are born to do", doing what best fits your individual aptitude within the context of familial and societal responsibilities.

(4). Moksha means "liberation or freedom" and relates to our need for spiritual growth, including transcending our reliance on the three other, or lower, values.

Liberation from the cycle of birth and re-birth is the essential goal of the human embodiment. Without it the other goals, indeed life itself, have no real meaning for they relate to transient pleasures and pastimes, whilst the spiritual path is the discovery and experience of that which is absolute or permanent - unlimited knowledge, consciousness and bliss.

However, all four life goals are important to a healthy, well rounded life, but most people do not pursue each goal with equal enthusiasm because their particular karmas (past actions) encourage them to prefer particular courses of action. But nearly all human beings need to achieve all four life purposes to some degree if they hope to achieve a life well lived. Choices of which life aims to pursue, when, in what way, and for how long, so that balance and proportion in life are maintained, are all the province of Jyotish. .

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