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Vedic Astrology is probably the finest, and certainly one of the oldest, astrological systems known to mankind. Its principles are based on classical works written thousand of years ago by seers with extraordinary powers and insights for the rules consistently work in practice. A description of the Vedic system, its philosophical principles, and how it differs fundamentally from Western Astrology, is set out under About Vedic Astrology

Geoffrey Pearce offers a range of astrological counselling services and is one of the few professional Vedic Astrologers in the UK. He has a consistent track record in helping people to understand their life purpose; providing reasons for the problems facing them; giving advice about skills and talents which may be lying dormant; setting out the propitious time for romance, marriage, change of occupation etc; as well as indicating the general direction of possible events in the years ahead. You can request a reading of your natal chart by supplying information about your date, time and place of birth, and questions about your life to which you need answers.

Should you wish to study Vedic Astrology there are foundation courses that Geoffrey holds in London about twice a year. Details of the next course are to be found under Courses. In addition, there are other Vedic Astrology events in this country and overseas for both students and practitioners. The British Association for Vedic Astrology, for instance, hold monthly meetings in London see Contacts on how to obtain details and become a member.

Geoffrey is available for an informal chat about Vedic Astrology over the Internet or telephone. Go to Contacts for details.

Vedic Astrology UK

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